Most reliable battery-electric truck, 16,000kg GVWR

BYD’s Truck utilizes the first battery that was purpose-built for vehicle electrification. Our proprietary iron phosphate technology is the core of BYD’s delivery truck, enabling up to 250 km driving range between charges and gradual battery degradation. This truck is designed to fit seamlessly into your fleet without changing the way you do business.

Environmentally friendly: no heavy metals or toxic electrolytes.

High-efficiency, transversely mounted motors that are integrated with the drive axle.

Regenerative braking extends battery life and reduces brake component wear.

BYD Iron-Phosphate battery is super safe and will not explode even in fire.


BYD’s breakthrough battery technology enables up to 165 km driving range for long time operation.


BYD’s batteries will still have 80{8911ec0fc17948de64686fca55dbcb93625d53cab81596a64b013be52c1fb6dc} strength of charge after 4,000 cycles or 10 years if cycled every day.


0 emissions, environment friendly. Decreases CO2 emissions up to 36 tons per year.


Pure electric drive can save not only fuel, but your money. (Depends on different regions and fuel/electric prices).


No engine and motor oil. Lower maintenance on propulsion system, fewer fluids to change, less brake wear, and fewer moving parts.


No propensity to combust: no oxygen released, thermal balancing, and no cell swelling. Proprietary Battery Management System (BMS) assists with balancing and charging safety.

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