Innovation At BYD

Automotive Innovation

 Three core technologies of new energy vehicles—battery, electric motor and electric control

BYD was the first automaker in the world to master the three core technologies of new energy-powered vehicles, including battery, electric motor and electric control. Its annual battery production capacity of 16GWh makes it a world leader in the production of power batteries.

  • 542 is the High-performance Models of BYD
    • 5: 0 – 100 km/h acceleration under 5s
    • 4: Full-time electrified 4-wheel drive, response time in 0.02s
    • 2: Fuel consumption under 2L/100km

5: The 0 – 100 km/h acceleration under 5 seconds–Redefining acceleration and setting a new standard for ultimate performance.

4: Full-time electrified 4-wheel drive, response time in 0.02s –With an innovative electronic technology, the full-time electrified 4WD system is set to disrupt the complicated structure of the existing mechanical 4WD system with a response speed 10 times faster than that of the traditional system. Moreover, it can bite the road better, and provides a safer and more powerful driving experience, in addition to setting a new safety standard.

2: 100 km fuel consumption within 2L -The system has achieved a breakthrough in energy efficiency and set a new standard for fuel economy thanks to the in-house developed DMII technology (under MIIT test standard).


  • BYD DMⅡDual-Mode Technology

In 2008, BYD launched the F3DM, the world’s first plug-in hybrid vehicle, bringing the first generation dual-mode technology to the market.

In 2013, BYD Qin led the sales of China’s new energy vehicles for 20 consecutive months immediately after it was launched. Besides, it was among the top three best sellers of new energy vehicles in the world, marking the extensive adoption of the second generation “dual-mode” technology.

  • Dual-Mode; Dual-Drive

BYD was the first to drive a vehicle with an engine and an electric motor, allowing the vehicle to freely and intelligently switch between the electric mode and the hybrid mode. This is not only energy efficient and environment-friendly, but also extremely powerful.

  • Easy Charging

Vehicles can be charged in many places, including wall outlets at home and charging poles on parking lots.

  • Environment-friendly and Energy Efficient

The vehicle can run on electricity when traveling a short distance, and on fuel when traveling a long distance. There is no need to start the engine during daily commute, as the vehicle can meet most daily travel needs when it is made to run on electricity, discharging no petroleum exhaust fumes.

  • Extremely Powerful

DM II dramatically increases engine’s power output and RPM (Revolutions Per Minute), with a maximum power output of 217 kW and a maximum torque of 479 Nm (In comparison, an ordinary 4.6L vehicle has a maximum power output of 228kW and a maximum torque of 453Nm).

  • Low Running Costs

Powered by the advanced DM II Dual Mode technology, Qin consumes only 1.6 L of fuel for every 100 km covered (under MIIT test standard).

  • BYD’s Bi-directional Charging/Discharging Technology

BYD’s bi-directional charging/discharging technology makes electric vehicles part of a connected system instead of standalone units. This allows them to combine closely with other vehicles, with the power grid, or with appliances. This not only makes the everyday use of electric vehicles more diverse, but also makes it possible to use electric vehicles for emergency or disaster relief purposes. As a result, BYD has become a pioneer for the efficient use of electricity in the new era.

BYD’s bi-directional charging/discharging technology, the first of its kind in the world, allows the direct connection between the power grid and vehicles, between different vehicles, and between vehicles and appliances. Electric vehicles are no longer merely vehicles, they are enablers of new lifestyles in the future.

During non-peak hours, use the grid to charge vehicles and store the energy in batteries. During peak hours, vehicles can be connected to the single-/three-phase grid to supply AC power to the grid, like a mobile power storage station, optimizing the power grid’s efficiency.

Charging between electric vehicles is also allowed, so one electric vehicle can be used as a rescue vehicle to charge another vehicle that has a low battery and stops running.

When disconnected from the grid, the vehicle can serve as a temporary power supply for devices requiring a power input of 10-25kW (e.g. home appliances that require AC power on a field trip). It will greatly facilitate the outdoor travel experience of modern people.

  • A Global Leader in Remote Driving Technology

Back in 2012, BYD already developed the globally leading remote driving technology on its own. This technology has been used on mass production models, achieving remote control within a visible short distance. You are firmly in control no matter what’s the circumstance, be it maneuvering into a narrow parking space or controlling your vehicle remotely when it is raining. Get ready to experience the unprecedented fun in driving.