Brand Philosophy


BRAND STRATEGY: Three Green Dreams: energy acquisition, storage, and applications

BYD is focused on green energy solutions, including electric urban transportation and renewable electricity storage as part of a sustainable eco-system, to be applied worldwide to promote environmentally responsible urban development.

BRAND POSITIONING: New energy solutions pioneer

It began with a small battery, and has since expanded to a huge solar farm in the boundless desert, an energy storage station at sea, together with SkyRail overhead and electric vehicles on the streets. It’s all about the application of new energy. From innovation to application, BYD is the first company that provides comprehensive new energy solutions, as it strives to drive development of the new energy industry.

BRAND VISION: New energy changing the world, Green technology leading the change

After taming fire, human beings took leave of the wilderness, and sparked the industrial revolution that drove progress around the world, but also led to an energy crisis, environmental pollution and urban congestion.

By innovating technologies that use renewable energy, BYD strives to help society reduce or eliminate its dependence on non-renewable energy, to create a more sustainable and healthier world. BYD hopes to use its green technology to drive extensive use of renewable energy and to conserve a green environment for future generations.

BRAND MISSION: Technological innovation for a better life

During daytime, solar farm captures the power of sunshine. At night, energy storage systems deliver power to families. Electric vehicles on the streets, SkyRail along green belts connect the city in a zero-emissions and zero-pollution way. We are providing more possibilities for a better life.
We are seeing a new energy future approaching. This is the mission of BYD, but also the green dream of all mankind.